Cannery Whistle

My wife and I collect large antique bells and accumulate other things.  One weekend approximately 30 years ago I was at our small local park and swap located at Cave Creek Rd. and Union Hills in Phoenix. Az.

To my surprise a man was selling this beautiful brass whistle.  What are bells without whistles I thought.  As we agreed on a price I asked him for some history.  He wrote a small note on a piece of cardboard for me.  In time the note was misplaced.  The whistle has been displayed each New Years for the past 19 years along with our overgrowing antique bell collection.  Our annual RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR party started in 1999/2000.  (Build it and they will come.) 

My wife of 54 years recently  told me I should get better organized after 39+ years at our location.  I stated with the barn.  The work bench was covered with clutter and stuff.  To my great surprise I found the original note re: the whistle.  Immediately I went to my computer to look for it's possible history.  There you were, with a phone number!  Thru our exchange of photos and phone calls I am delighted to find the proper home for this great whistle. 

The Lord has blessed us as it's caretakers for these many years.  We gift this whistle to the people of Bristal Bay Alaska with love and respect.    

Ronald & Elizabeth Johnston

LaRece Egli