Anne Pollnow

Sea Level Consulting | Project Curator

Anne Elise Pollnow is the sole owner of Sea Level Consulting (SLC), a cultural resource firm based in Sitka, Alaska. Since 2008, Sea Level Consulting has provided services required for the identification, evaluation, and treatment of cultural resources for compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.  Anne and SLC specializes in Southeast Alaska history and archaeology.   Services include archaeological and historic surveys, anthropological studies, determination of eligibility and affect reports, cultural resource plans and agreements, monitoring, recovery excavation, and consultation with local tribes. SLC has also assisted and led Alaskan communities through the processes of preservation planning, establishing historic districts, and developing heritage tourism industry strategies.

Anne’s professional work includes the discovery and recordation of prehistoric sites as early as 9000 years before present, documenting Gold Rush era mining sites, World War II historic survey and research reports, and anthropological investigations. Prior to her 18+ years in Alaska, she lived in Washington State, practicing archaeology throughout the Pacific Northwest under renowned archaeologists from Washington State University, her alma-mater. Anne’s education and work experience have built a credible knowledge base and great appreciation for Pacific Northwest Coast Archaeology.

Anne has always been committed to assisting communities, small nonprofit corporations, and native organizations with their preservation goals, often in a volunteer capacity. She has written, been awarded, and managed historic preservation fund grants to assist in the rehabilitation of historic buildings and preservation planning throughout Alaska. In 2007, Anne began serving on the City and Borough of Sitka’s Historic Preservation Commission, four years as chair. As current president and 11-year board member of the Alaska Association for Historic Preservation, Anne leads the Association’s programming which includes the Ten Most Endangered Historic Properties Grant Program and the Preservation Conservation Easement Program. In 2017, Anne was appointed as an Advisor to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, representing all of Alaska.

Anne and her companions live in a small beach house in Sitka regularly partaking in subsistence hunting, fishing, and gardening.  She not only enjoys preserving historic properties but also local wild and homegrown food.  She worked for many years in the fishing industry as a deckhand on seine and longline operations, worked in processing plants including for sea cucumbers, and assisted in the establishment of a major Seafood Corporation.  This work especially helped her finance graduate school endeavors.  Anne has a loyal four-legged canine partner of 12 years, a fluffy collie/shepherd mix named Iris, that accompanies her on work field trips and frequent visits with elders and seniors.  Her passion is gathering and documenting stories and evidence from our past for future reflection and enhancement of our shared social well-being.

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